A BOUTIQUE TALENT AGENCY, Located in Los Angeles

About the Agency

Defining Artists prides itself in its one-on-one relationships with each of our clients.

Our power and influence rests in how well we know our talent and how well the community and buyers in town know us. This has been evidenced by the strong relationships we have cultivated. For years we’ve put our money where our mouth is and therefore, we continue to receive the same respect and steady, strong relationships one would expect from a successful Talent Agency which is something in which we pride ourselves.

Defining Artists has grown exponentially since Ms. Binder launched the company in 2003. A particular niche for Defining Artists is in finding and developing new talent, consistently putting yet-to-be-discovered actors in their breakout roles and continuing to create successful and lasting careers. Defining Artists is also well known for their success in taking established talent to the next level as well as continuing their success and re-launching careers. Defining Artists takes pride in helping actors to fulfill their dreams.